About Me


I am so glad that you are here. I enjoy life in many forms from listening to music, traveling, cooking, crafting and even attempting to learn how grow food in my garden. My newest hobby is making cards for Operation Write Home. I love animals too. My see-a-stray-and-bring-it-home nature granted me the nickname Dr. Doolittle by my family.  But my main passion is helping others across the globe find hope and aid in their various situations.

I find great joy supporting and encouraging others to be healthy and to enjoy their lives too. There is life and medicine in eating real food and energy waiting for someone to wake it up with fitness. The trend of obesity in our nation is a huge problem and growing rapidly. I am committed to ending that trend starting with myself, then my family and others. My hope is that my journey will cause a spark in your life too.


Salem Binx
Salem Binx

A Little History

I struggled with my weight my whole life. I remember being in elementary school and having to buy clothes in the adult section because the children’s section was too small. I hated shopping for clothes. I also had to deal with kids at school making fun of my size. When you hear negative things often enough, you start to believe them. I imagine most people can relate.

I was involved in sports and weightlifting in high school but it did not make much of a difference in my shape. I felt stronger. I had more favor with my peers for trying. That helped make a difference in my attitude. I found that I really enjoyed working out with weights. It made me feel like I could kick butt. My confidence was higher but not quite where I needed it.

It took reaching 210 pounds in my 20’s to decide that it was time for a change. Not only that, but I had another wake-up call when a relative, around the same age, went on heart medication. He just accepted it, like that was how it was going to be for the rest of his life. Not me. Weight is something that can be changed. My health is something that I can change. I do not have to accept that this as all there is.

I started an exercise video with a friend of mine and I prayed to God to help me get started. Do not knock prayer, it worked for me. I lost 15 pounds before I even made major changes. God knew I needed a boost at the beginning and I thank Him for that.  In addition to working out with my friend, I spent some time researching nutrition and modifying my portion sizes. I was able to lose 40 pounds. It was my first time being a size medium. It felt amazing. I remember picking up a 40 pound weight from my set and handing it my friend and saying, “This is what was on my body”.

That was the start of my health and fitness journey, but like everything, life throws you curveballs all the time. My workout schedule with my friend fizzled out because I was working two jobs. I did my best to cook healthy meals with the time that I had after work. But 10pm dinners soon turned into snacking. The stress at one of my jobs was affecting my health too. I had headaches every day. As a result, my weight ballooned. It was shocking to see how fast it came back. I found that I was buying clothes in sizes I never bought before. Instead of falling into a depressed state, which would have been so easy to do and I had been there before, I decided to do something about my situation. I knew that I could do better, look better and feel better about myself again. I did it before. It was and is within my power. I just needed to recommit and make it a higher priority.



A Fresh Start with Team Beachbody

I was attracted to Team Beachbody for the fitness tools, workout buddies and the ability to track my progress. I am a visual person and need to see progress. I also needed nutritional help with my work schedule. I upgraded my account to take advantage of the meal planner. I did not have the extra time to figure out calories or whether I was getting enough protein etc. so I am extra thankful for the meal planner. It does everything but cook. I can modify a weekly menu to fit my tastes, click print, and have all my shopping lists and recipes automatically adjusted. I double or triple many recipes to freeze for another time. My favorite recipes are the Tasty Turkey Burger and the Mango Berry Smoothie. My family really enjoys them too and I know they are getting the nutritional benefits as well.

I am extremely pleased with the Beachbody workouts. I’ve tried many programs before from other companies but I have to have variety and more instruction.  I like the fact that you get more than one routine on the Beachbody’s DVD and the routines build as you get stronger. The trainers aren’t annoying and that is a plus or I won’t do them. They are genuine. They sweat right along with you and get out of breath too. The biggest plus for me is the trainers showing you how to do the moves properly so you do not get injured. I hated lunges in the past and would just skip them altogether because they hurt my knees. I know now that I was performing them incorrectly.

When I started my Team Beachbody account, I lost 20 pounds and 14 inches using the workout DVDs combined with drinking Shakeology. Those results are amazing! I absolutely love Shakeology. I no longer have headaches every day, if at all. My insides feel better. I have more energy. I look forward to drinking it every day.


Shortly after signing up, I became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach to help others, especially those in my family. I also needed the extra accountability factor. Not only do I have my workout buddies to help me, but as a coach, I need to be an example. I do not always feel like working out or feel that I have enough time, but if I just press play and grab a family member to join me, soon I am in the groove and it is over before I know it. When I am tired, I press play and have energy again. When I am a little stiff and sore, I can press play and warm those muscles up and it helps. I am pleased to report that I am closing in on my first goal. I have 12 pounds left to go. I even encouraged my parents to join me. My mom is down to her pre-baby weight from when she was in her late 20’s. My dad is off medication and he dropped 35 pounds.

I lost weight before and I can do it again. You can do it too. If you are just getting started, shoot for 10 minutes a day for a whole month. This will build a healthy habit and others in your family will notice. I also highly recommend that you find an activity or exercise that is fun to you and go all out. If you need recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s get healthy and fit together. Together we can have 1 Fit Life!


Disclaimer: Carilynnh is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Her opinions, reviews and experiences are shared for the purpose of encouraging a healthy and full lifestyle. As with any fitness or nutrition program, seek the counsel of your healthcare professional first. Every body is different and results will vary.