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From Thread Rack to Necklace Holder

The day started with a little weeding and organizing in my soon-to-be craft/guest room. I received a bunch of sewing supplies from my grandma years ago and finally had the motivation to go through it. And as often happens in my life, one project quickly turned into another. So much for sticking to one room!… Continue Reading

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Calendar Part 2

 You should already have the mini and jumbo glass gems, gluesticks, scissors and magnetic adhesive roll or circles you need from the supply list in Part 1 for the next step.   Making the Month & Date Gems 1.  Now have some fun searching for clip-art on your computer to use for the 12 months… Continue Reading

What Makes You Tick?

1FitLife is about much more than eating healthy and staying active. It is also about finding what makes you tick. If you have not taken the chance to sit down and ponder this, try it now. I think it helps to look at what motivates us day in and day out. Is it money, recognition,… Continue Reading