My P90X Workout Week 5

My P90x Workout Journal Week 5 1FitLifeP90x Week 5- Lean Schedule

This week is a new phase with one change from the Shoulders and Arms routine to the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps routine.

Day 1

Core Synergystics:

I feel like I should have a cape when we do the Superman move and maybe turn on a fan to blow my hair back. The rest I will leave to my imagination. Modifications are my friends!

 Day 2

Cardio X: I need more energy today. I didn’t quite make it halfway through this one this morning without bonking as Tony says. But I did what I could. I read through the nutrition guidebook again and decided to up my eating plan from the first phase which is low carb to the middle phase which is a carb and protein balance for this month’s workouts. There is more food than I normally eat in my calorie section but I will see if this helps increase my energy.

Dinner tonight was the Italian turkey meatloaf, salad and instead of potatoes, since I had those for breakfast with my eggs, I steamed some acorn squash.

Day 3

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps:

This is a new exercise for this month. I watched it first before trying to tackle it. It is full of push-ups I didn’t know existed, variations of triceps presses and flys. There was one exercise called the front-to-back triceps extension. This one was really interesting since most of the time I am fairly even on my left and right sides in terms of repetitions. My right side was able to do 15 reps and my left side accomplished only 10 reps.

I will need to adjust my weights a little more next time. I have a gap between 5 pounds and 8 pounds and it is difficult to increase weight with that kind of gap. I did not have too much trouble with my wrist pain. I would use a fist instead of flat hand for some of the push-ups, but I need to look up and see if that is a smart alternative. Maybe in the future I will invest in push-up bars.

 Day 4

X Stretch (I am doing X Stretch in place of Yoga X until my wrist feels better): I think this will be a routine I will continue long after the program is over. It does everything.

 Day 5

Legs and Back:

I increased a few reps and added a little more weight during the program today. I still struggle with the chin-ups and need a chair but that is understandable since having a chin-up bar is completely new to me.

 Day 6

Kenpo X:

I am a bit stiff today. I am looking forward to warming those muscles up and stretching out.

Day 7

Rest/X Stretch: I am going to rest today.


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