My P90X Workout Week 6

My P90x Workout Journal Week 6 1FitLifeP90x Week 6- Lean Schedule

It is the second week of this new phase with the addition of the Chest, Shoulder and Triceps routine. It is a new favorite.

Day 1

Core Synergystics:

This one is one of my toughies. I do what I can which does not seem like much during the program but it is the best I can do right now.  That is when I put this phrase on repeat in my head “Do your best, forget the rest”. One of the things we battle most with workouts is really our thoughts and attitude. If you combat those in every aspect of your life then nothing can stop you. If you do not feel like working out or you know that particular day’s workout is a challenge, push play anyway and do what you can. Each time you do that you are knocking those doubts out of the building. You are strengthening your mind as well as your body. You will regret not doing the workout and getting one more day closer to your goal. If you need to switch it up once in a while grab a different program or crank up your favorite music. You can do it! Now go out and conquer yourself.

Day 2

Cardio X:

My workouts seem to be getting later and later in the day. I do not want to exercise to close to bedtime or it will keep me awake. The only exception is the X Stretch. That one actually helps me sleep better.

I sure feel those swing kicks. You take a stool or chair, place it in front of you and then you swing your legs over one-at-a-time to the other side. I use a chair and it seems to be just right for me at this point in time.

Day 3

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps:

I am closer to knowing the best weights to use for each set. I pushed through about 10 exercises to add more reps according to my worksheet. I also choose a few exercises to start with a heavier weight which for me is 8 pounds. Then I would go back to 5 pounds after a few reps if I needed. The heavier weight was just right the majority of the time and I was able to do between 12 and 15 reps.

Day 4

X Stretch:

I am so ready for stretching today. After upping my weights during yesterday’s Chest, Shoulder and Triceps routine, I need it. I can feel my triceps today. No more flabby arms. That is one of my goals.

Day 5

Legs and Back:

I increased some of the reps and exercises today.  Ohhh those wall squats burn! I am glad Tony talks the whole time. It helps to distract you from the muscle shakes. The chair salutations are tougher than they look. My arms need lift.

I still need a chair with the chin-ups. There is a little rep increase on a few moves. Small progress is nothing to be ashamed of and it will add up over time with consistency.

Is this a tough workout for you too?

Day 6

Kenpo X:

This is one that makes me winded quick but I enjoy the routine.

Day 7

Rest/X Stretch: ahhh this is nice.

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