My P90X Workout Week 7

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This is the third week with the addition of Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Next week is recovery week!

Day 1

Core Synergystics:

This one is still a challenge but I will get there in time. I have a difficult time keeping track of reps with this workout. I lose count so easily and my worksheet has several question marks or check marks in place of reps.

Day 2

Cardio X:

Cardio X is a good routine for variety combining several moves from other DVDs. I personally like the second half of the program starting with the Airborne Heisman and then the Swing Kicks, Jump Shot, and Tire with Wacky Jacks at the end. Then you repeat the sequence again before moving on to the last 5 moves.

Day 3

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps:

I like the triceps variations in this DVD like the side-leaning triceps extension and the front-to-back triceps extension. I really improved on the cross-body blows. I started out with 5 pounds and now I am rocking 12 pounds. Tony gets even more creative with the push-ups. These are still a tough area for me but I do the best I can.

Day 4

X Stretch (I am doing X Stretch in place of Yoga X until my wrist feels better):

I am a huge fan of X Stretch. I needed to stretch out today. This is one I will refer to even after I am done with the program. It covers everything and really works.

Day 5

Legs and Back:

I increased a few more reps today. I did not do as well on the wall squats or the calf raise with the three different angels this time around. The muscle burn made me take more breaks than usual. But I jumped right back in to reach my rep goals.

Day 6

Kenpo X:

I can finally do star blocks and move with them. It seems so simple but my left side is a slow learner. My kicks are getting better too. “Practice makes perfect”

Day 7

Rest/X Stretch: Wahoo! It’s rest day.

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