My P90x Workout Week 10

My P90x Workout Journal Week 10 1FitLifeP90x Week 10- Lean Schedule

The addition of the Back and Biceps DVD and Chest and Back DVD along with the schedule switching every week is keeping me on my toes. I accidentally started with week 10 instead of 9 last week. So to make up for the error I am actually doing week 9 this week on week 10. Are you completely confused? Haha I am and it is a good thing I write everything down so I can keep my head on straight.


Week 9 & 11              Week 10 & 12
Chest and Back             Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Cardio X                       Cardio X
Shoulders & Arms         Back & Biceps
Yoga X                          Yoga X
Core Synergistics          Core Synergistics
Kenpo X                        Kenpo X
Rest/X Stretch               Rest/X Stretch

Day 1
Chest & Back:
Push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups galore…I think I did pretty well since this is a new disc for this week. The first 12 exercises repeat later on with a little shifting in the rotation. I had a little trouble with the back flys. They didn’t feel right so I left them alone and continued with the next item. I might record myself to see what I am doing wrong. Wall mirrors would be nice but I don’t have that option in my room.

If you are doing this one for the first time, hold a little back the first half so you have enough oomph to do the second half.

Day 2
Cardio X:
I am trying to do my workouts earlier in the day since the past few weeks are pretty late nights. I squeezed in Cardio X before dinner so that makes me happy.

Day 3
Shoulders & Arms:
I stayed pretty close to the weights and reps I did the first month. For the most part 10 pounds was my average weight. The triceps moves on this particular DVD are a little more challenging like the Flip-Grip Twist Triceps Kickbacks. Say that five times fast! And I tend to stick close to 5 pounds and increase the repetitions when I can. Not bad if I do say so myself. Now where is my Results and Recovery formula? I have a feeling I am going to need it.

Day 4
X Stretch (I am doing X Stretch in place of Yoga X until my wrist feels better):
I cannot wait to stretch today. I need to loosen up my left side.

Day 5
Core Synergistics: not sure what to say here lol.

Day 6
Kenpo X: I can sure feel the kicks every time I do this workout. My left side still needs work to keep up to everyone on the screen but quality over quantity is better.

Day 7 Rest/X Stretch: ahh this is lovely.

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