My P90X Workout Week 9

My P90x Workout Journal Week 9 1FitLifeP90x Week 9- Lean Schedule

It is another new phase with the addition of Back and Biceps and Chest and Back with the routines switching every week. I accidentally looked at the wrong week on my calendar and started with week 10 instead of 9. Oh well. I will keep going and then do week 9 next.


Week 9 & 11                     Week 10 & 12

Chest and Back                       Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Cardio X                                Cardio X

Shoulders & Arms                  Back & Biceps

Yoga X                                  Yoga X

Core Synergistics                  Core Synergistics

Kenpo  X                               Kenpo X

Rest/X Stretch                       Rest/X Stretch


Day 1

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

I am a fan of this workout especially the moves for the triceps. I know I will feel it the next day too. I probably said it before but the weighted circles are killer. They burn without weights. I use 5 pounds and can do about 10 reps on each side with breaks. It’s better than nothing. Bring on the Results and Recovery formula I am going to need it.

Day 2

Cardio X:

Today is the yoga, karate and sports drills program complete with Wacky Jacks. Who loves Wacky Jacks? They make you feel like a kid.

Day 3

Back and Biceps:

Can you hate and love a workout at the same time? Well I do. Back and Biceps. This is my first time doing this particular routine. I’ve never done strip sets before where you start out heavy do eight reps then go down and do eight reps and repeat twice more. Crazy burn! I started out with 12s which seems perfectly fine for curls but with each set…whooie! It made my last set with 5 pounds feel like 50. But I hated/loved it.

Day 4

X Stretch (I am doing X Stretch in place of Yoga X until my wrist feels better):

Hello Biceps! I can tell you did a workout yesterday.

I really enjoy this stretch program. I said it before but it helps me sleep and I tend to do this one right before bed. It works out all the kinks.

Day 5

Core Synergistics:

I increased some of the reps and exercises today. Previous to today I could do about half of this program and today I am able to do three quarters. So that is exciting. Another goal I have is to do this routine all the way through. It is a toughie.

Day 6

Kenpo X:

I put on a little Les Mills Combat: Power Kata today. I wish they had a soundtrack. The music really energizes and motivates you to do more.

Day 7

Rest/X Stretch:

Time to Rest

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