Raspberry Rollups

This raspberry rollup snack is a must for kids of all ages. My brother and I had these when we were little but there is a big difference in flavor between store-bought and homemade. I cannot wait to experiment with more fruit especially peaches. That sounds amazing right?!


I searched the house for a recipe and dehydrator instructions since we have an abundance of berries this year. My dad helped me prune the bushes last year but we had different ideas about how the process should be accomplished. Dad won this year with the whack-them-all-down idea. As for the instructions, it simply said to use only two trays when making fruit leather. Thanks dehydrator manual! That is so helpful.


I winged it. I blended 3 cups of raspberries and I attempted to take out the majority of the seeds by straining through a cheese cloth over a large bowl. I cut out parchment paper to fit the two trays and had my first sample of the puree. Wowie! Pucker power! I ended up adding ¼ cup brown sugar since they were so tart. I used a ladle to scoop and spread a thin layer of fruit puree around the perimeter. I left the top and bottom vents completely open. Twelve hours and many samplings later (we call this quality control) the roll ups were finished. I went ahead and rolled them initially in the same parchment since it was bedtime. The next morning I cut smaller sections and wrapped them in plastic wrap. This is probably pointless since they are almost gone.


Here are the last of the raspberry fruit roll ups I made yesterday. I did my best to take out the seeds but they are so tiny. Some were escaping through the cheese cloth. It does add a nice crunch and surprisingly the seeds do not stick in your teeth like fresh berry seeds do. I have no idea why? One of the many mysteries of the world.


Raspberry Roll Ups


Does anyone have experience with peach roll ups? I need to do more research but it sounds like certain types of fruit need to be cooked first or need lemon juice added to keep the color and oxidation down. Any tips for this dehydrator newbie?


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