Workshops for the Fitness Industry

David Langridge of 1FitLife is running a number of Workshops throughout the country to help members of the Fitness Industry with Branding, Content Strategy etc.  To read more about David and 1Fitlife please head over to our About us page.

Workshop 1 – How You Build a Brand on a Budget


6th October 2020 - Birmingham
Ramada Solihull, Church Hill Rd, Solihull B91 3RF

10am to 2pm

4 hour workshop - £200 incl VAT

9.30 - Registration
10am - Start
2pm - Finish

Includes pre-learning material and post-follow-up video call session on how to bring your brand alive with the facilitator.

If you cannot see a date that works for you please email with your interest.


A brand is more than a logo, colour and font. It’s the way in which your organisation is perceived by those who experience it, from using the website, engaging with social media, face to face, or even to the smell of the changing rooms. Brands are intangible, they live in the minds of everyone that experiences them. How is your brand perceived? Do you truly know why you exist? What makes you different from your competitors? And what you are actually proposing to the market?  Do you really know what space you own in the minds of your customer or potential customer?

In this workshop we will get under the hood of what we really mean about the word ‘brand’, discussing and sharing examples of brands we all use every day and what they mean to us, as well as how they make us feel.  We will critique our own brandsand workshop how to take our brands to the next level using a simple, but effective model.

Fitness model slamball workout

Each session will effectively offer a new view on:

  1. What do we mean by brand
  2. Your competitive position
  3. Your brand belief & purpose
  4. What you actually promise to the market
  5. And how you will achieve it through your proposition

Learning outcomes – By the end of the workshop delegates will:

1. Learn the importance of branding and the effect it can has getting it right or wrong.
2. Gain a deeper understanding of what a brand is, how it can be used effectively and what works.
3. To be able to develop upon your own brand identity by understanding your own brand’s strengths and areas of improvements
4. To hold the skills to make significant brand improvements distinguishing your brand away from your competitors whilst improving brand preception

To achieve the learning outcomes the workshop will provide a blended learning approach. Prior online content will be sent to each delegate and after completion, further useful information will be available. The facilitator will lead an introductory session which will underpin case study and small group work. The aim will be to bring theoretical knowledge into practical examples which can after the session be applied immediately.

We are investigating who be interested in attending a workshop on developing a content strategy for your business? Here is a quick synopsis of the 4 hour session.

Workshop 2 - Developing A Content Strategy

Content is 90% about them, the customer: their challenges, problems and opportunities. Being trusted is the single most urgent way to build a business. Content should influence. Created around a human truth, visually relevant to that audience and timed to perfection or it just won’t get noticed in all the noise.

But before content can be created you must have a clear content strategy. Just creating content for contents sake is finished.

In this workshop we will work through the process of developing a content strategy. We will discuss the best way to attract your target market, understanding their challenges, expectations and how we can overcome these through the use of content. We will deep dive into the use of different types of media and the best ways to distribute your content through marketing channels.

At the end of the workshop you will walk away with a high level strategy on how to implement a content plan relevant for your business.

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